Barry does high-quality work, is responsive, communicates options, and is all-around reliable. I highly recommend working with HD Seattle.

-Sarah B.

The most competent, knowledgeable and honest contractor I’ve ever encountered.

-M.A. Kae

We are thankful to know that there is a trustworthy, professional and reasonably priced construction company we can now rely on. I highly recommend.

-Jason M.

We had plenty of challenges where any thoughts I may have had over “Well… what do I really need a contractor for?” were easily banished.

-Rhett G.

“When I moved into our 1938 Ballard home a few years back, the inspector, after giving a full reasonable report of the house said, “Oh and the garage, well… I think you know”. Indeed the detached garage was more of a shanty spider nest with a gravity defying lean that was barely safe enough for my lawn mower. “Someday”, I said. “Someday we will rebuild…”

Over the years I consulted with a few contractors including a few of the larger firms with strict lower limits on the size of projects they are interested in. Never felt right. I’ve never been involved in a construction project, I have no idea what I’m in for and I knew it. This was just too much.

Meeting with Barry gave me new hope. He was full of creativity. Lots of options with varying budget options. He even had ideas on how to save the original structure. I nodded along politely and then said, “Let’s tear it all down.”

Nine months later I’m writing this review in my new garage/office. Gentle natural light is filtering down from the skylights in my vaulted ceiling onto gorgeous polished concrete floors. My A/C has clicked on to celebrate the rare 80+ degree day. Later this evening I might open the tri-fold patio doors and enjoy the cool breeze reflecting on the journey that was both harder than I imagined and yet more successful than I hoped.

Barry was a great partner in all this. He runs a very tight ship and has an excellent crew. He worked really closely with our designer Joanne to get our plans and permits together.

Demo day!
Siding progress
Hands-on project management
Interior framing
The finished product!

The demolition crew put on a hell of a show and even let my wife run the excavator. They were super flexible and didn’t flinch when they needed to pull up some giant tree roots and fill in sinkholes.The framers put the structure up so fast I just blinked and it was done. Jesus the drywall guy is a straight wizard. Patrick the carpenter has an eye for detail, always ready to discuss which of us has the better obscure sci-fi reference t-shirt, and built the most beautiful fence I’ve ever seen. Barry is himself a great communicator and problem solver. I also found it very reassuring that he lives only a 1/4 mile away where he (and sometimes his young sons, and once even his mom) could be onsite in minutes.

We had plenty of challenges where any thoughts I may have had over “Well… what do I really need a contractor for?” were easily banished. A million decisions, inconsistent inspectors, cranky neighbors, a global-fucking pandemic, we made it through. I’m probably completely spoiled now and I wouldn’t have any other way.” 

Rhett G.

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