As an artist, where you create often impacts what you create.

Our motivation is your dream studio

From layout to lighting we intentionally think about every design detail of your space. When your studio is ready you’ll walk into a building that was custom built for you.

How we do it

Building a space that enhances rather than distracts from your creativity means making it functional and cozy. From temperature control to lighting options we have the expertise to deliver a studio filled with custom solutions for your needs.

With a BA in Ceramics from UW Barry can be trusted to understand the details of your art studio construction that will inspire your creativity.


Communication is the cornerstone of our work. Our experience with creating custom art studios means we know the right questions to ask before ever breaking ground on a project. As we walk with you through the design phase of your art studio we strive to remain focused on our goal: delivering a comfortable, functional studio space that you’ll absolutely love!

We’ll work with you to uncover ways to make your studio effective, functional, and comfortable. From placing outlets higher on the wall to adding hot water plumbing to your outdoor hose, we think through how you’ll use your studio and design your space to those parameters.

Thinking About Your Studio

  • How many light sources will you need?
  • Do you create standing or sitting?
  • Will your space only be used for art?


Creativity means taking risks, but not when it comes to your safety. Your studio might require a robust ventilation plan for paint fumes, access to an eye wash station, or a sink for frequent hand washing. Our experience with custom design and construction means every consideration is given to ensuring that your studio is built to keep you safe.

Freedom to paint- in her own backyard!
Garage conversion into custom art studio


Our success with finding creative design solutions stems from our focus on putting relationships first. Every interaction we have is an opportunity to get to know you better and that’s exactly how we build the art studio that is right for you. It’s one of the ways that HD Seattle is different and we think you’ll like it!

“I’ve dreamt of having a backyard studio and I never knew it would be this cool.”

Mary I.

We create spaces that inspire creativity

Seattle Art Studio conversion
A space to create
Custom art gallery and studio
Freedom from feeling confined
Custom shower in Seattle Art Studio conversion
Complete with a bathroom
Ext of custom DADU studio
All in your own backyard
Windows for Ballard custom art studio
Attention to the details
Ext Seattle DADU
Take the step toward realizing your dream
Ext custom ballard art studio conversion
HD Seattle Art Studio

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