Build an Artist Studio in your Backyard

As an artist, where you create often impacts what you create. At HD Construction, we’re committed to working with you to turn your dream artist studio into a reality, a cozy, comfortable, safe space to create. We accomplish this by putting relationships first. As we invest in relationship and get to know you, we’re able to understand what you need. From layout to lighting, we intentionally think through and design the elements of your space so that when you’re studio is ready, you’ll walk into an area built to inspire,   for productivity, that facilitates focus, where you can spend uninterrupted hours creating. 

Build a Cozy Artists Studio

Designing a space that enhances rather than distracts from your creativity means making it cozy. You want a space that’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Do you need lots of natural light for your work? Or do you need more control over your lighting options? As we walk through the process of designing and building your artist studio, we’ll uncover what you need to make your space feel cozy, so you can focus on creating, rather than trying to manipulate the right source of light on a grey winters day.  

Ext Seattle DADU
Extra space that fits the yard

Build a Comfortable Artists Studio

How do you create in your space? Do you sit or stand? Do you need a place to stretch? Does there need to be a big table for brainstorming ideas? You need to feel comfortable to create. We’ll work with you to uncover ways to make your space comfortable, from placing outlets higher on the wall to adding hot water plumbing to your outdoor hose, we think through how you’ll use the space and design and build so that you’ll be able to feel comfortable in it. 

Build a Safe Artists Studio

Creativity means taking risks, but not when it comes to the safety of your studio space. We think through what elements you’ll need to keep you safe in your space. Do you work with materials that require you to frequently wash your hands? Do you need an eye rinse station? Does the space need to be ventilated in a certain way to account for fumes from your paint? Not only do we build to code, but we build for safety, and that means we ask the right questions to make the right decisions so that we build a safe space where you can create. 

“I heard that construction is stressful, disrupts your life, goes over budget, & always takes longer.

But ours was on budget & ahead of schedule.”

– Mary

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