Recent changes to Seattle Permitting

There are two big changes to the Seattle permitting process concerning EV Readiness and demolition rat abatement. We wanted to take a minute and update you, so you have the information you need to make your next remodel or new build project a success.

The EV Readiness Ordinance

If you’re a homeowner planning on building or remodeling your garage, take a minute to ensure your up-to-date on the EV Readiness Ordinance. As of June 7, 2019, the city of Seattle requires that new garage construction: 

– Has a parking space to accommodate an electric vehicle
– Has an appropriate power supply to charge an electric vehicle
– Has elements in place to install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EV charging station)

Simply put, while you don’t have to install an EV charging station, you need all the elements in place so that one could easily be installed.

According to the city, the goal of this new ordinance is to increase the infrastructure to support electric vehicles, reduce the barriers to owning electric vehicles to help reshape the transportation system for a fossil-fuel-free future. 

At HD Construction we’ll work with you to build the EV Charging Station infrastructure into your project, whether you’re planning on adding an EV Charging Station, or just want to install the right infrastructure for a future charging station. We’ll ensure your project meets the new requirements while also ensuring you get what you want out of your new space. 

Rat Abatement Pre Demolition

Chances are if you’ve lived in Seattle for any amount of time, you’ve seen a rat or two. Seattle is one of the most rat-infested cities in America, and as construction continues the infestation does too. 

To counter the ever-increasing number of rats, there is a new Rat Abatement rule when it comes to demolition. 15 days prior to any demolition project in the city of Seattle, rat abatement must begin and continue through the start of demolition. The goal of this new step in code compliance is to lower the possibility of infestation in adjacent proprieties so that neither you or your neighbors have a sudden rat infestation. 

At HD Construction, we have trusted partners we work with, who follow protocol and use the right rat traps to ensure your site is safe during the abatement process. They clean and maintain traps, and work with the city to document your abatement process. This may seem like an added hassle, but you’ll be glad you did it in the long run, as displaced rodents go somewhere, and this is one way of preventing them from moving into your home. 

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